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AROS in 15 minutes from robn on Vimeo .

Presently I am having fun tweaking and configuring the various parts of IcAROS and its programs, after installing it on hard drive. Not only am I very impressed by its advanced sophistication, but also by the relative stability, which can apparently be enhanced by pushing it in ways that would force linux or windoze into showing cracks or even complain. The Amiga roots are certainly showing in AROS!

Of course the virtual environment, set up in linux with mainly development in mind, is getting the same treatment, though a lot slower.

Unfortunately, the particular job I have planned myself into - to port a driver for my ATI Radeon card, or perhaps to try and enhance the existing radeon.hidd to handle the additional complexity - has caused me to run and hide! It looks more like something from hell than coding, even the Wanderer source looks a lot more like what I am used to... petition sponsor petition sponsor

Amiga Boing ball

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