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From past experiences...

Okay, we are now 'backstage', facing the 'crew' of strandedufo.

There is a name on a birth certificate, written as "Paul Juhasz" (pronounced as "You-haas"), which is apparently copyrighted by the issueing authorities - see Kate of Gaia The Legal Name Illusion - but will give you an origin - being a European word for 'shepherd'. That's where normality ends, to reveal someone mostly used to thinking in hexa-decimal, with a logic based on bits - representing ones and zeroes, raised to the power of 2 - and a syntax to match.

To most normal people this would seem as a rather unconventional way of thinking, and not just since the mid 90s, when most of humanity was touched by this digital phenomenon, molly-coddled in graphical user interfaces bristling with help, but since the early 60s, when the inherent power of the machine was still raw and untamed, as direct and decisive as a Logical AND or an Exclusive OR can be. A program's operation was either mirrored in your mind or you were facing a blank wall.

This meant that you had to imagine all actions of the programs you ran, which were not interactive. They ran in batch mode and performed their tasks according to parameters entered on the command line, right after the program name. Graphical gadgets and widgets and pop up menus came much later, even after the cursor driven ASCII menus on IBMs, Apples, Spectrums, BBC/Acorn and other Micros. Some of us used cheat-sheets on paper, because otherwise there was only a blank screen with a single green cursor flashing away to make you aware of its lonely emptiness.

Behind the scenes local space and present time...
IBM 1401 - The Dawn of a New Era
This is how it all started for me in '63

While working as an operator, shuffling and sorting boxes full of cards and printing paper, I was learning to program this machine in assembler, from a home course, which also gave me some hands-on experience on both the IBM 1401 and creating program patches for the widely used tabulating machines at the time. Punched cards were the main input and the only output was a listing printed on A3-sized zig-zag paper, at 132 columns per line. Data was kept on tape reels which we also used for test data and for already tested and debugged programs, such as the assembler, the Fortran compiler and other software in daily use.

IBM mainframe 1401

 IBM System 360/20

The IBM System 360

 Video of Univac System

The Remington (Sperry) Rand Univac System

1971 DEC LAB-8/e (PDP) playing Music

Music on the DEC LAB-8/e

PDP 8 Presentation #1

How to program a PDP 8 minicomputer

By 1964 I graduated to trainee programmer on a Univac II systeml learning assembler and COBOL. Instead of automatic debuggers following our high level source code, when one instruction crashed, we would reset the program counter manually, using dials, toggles and push buttons, inserting sub-routines into memory, and then pencil those changes on our program listing, before re-stepping over the edited command. Print-out was of course reserved for user data from your program, or the program listing from the assembler or the compiler, while input was from punched cards or tape. The only other help was the Core Dump...

IBM System 360 Front Panel

...through the making of history...

The Machine That Changed The World
The Machine That Changed The World...

Those were times when mainframes with less power than a Raspberry Pi still took up a large air-conditioned room. Testing and debugging our programs was done by single stepping through the machine-code, displayed on the console as rows of ON / OFF points of lights that represented binary values. These could be the contents of any one of the registers, any address in memory or the program counter that we could then follow on our source listing, which acted as map and scratch pad.

IBM Centennial - They Were There

IBM Centennial Film: They Were There - People who changed the way the world works
Computer Networks Heralds of Resource Sharing - 1972 ArpaNet

Computer Networks The Heralds of Resource Sharing - 1972 ArpaNet

Multi-tasking was just on the way to be implemented, so testing was usually done at night, when nobody else needed the machine, though that only happened with the smaller systems, like the 360/20 or 30. Working on larger systems, we didn't get to see or touch the computer, just handed in our cards or tape, and worked from listings, which was the program's output, and the occasional "core dump" - or memory and registers print-out - when a crash occurred. Only in '70-71 did I get to work from a remote screen and keyboard console attached to the mainframe, where logging in with my handle, I was given a private task running alongside others. Although I have already, as a budding programmer in 1964, experienced two computers share data via a telephone line, what can be considered "real" networking, that came to be called ARPANet, was still years away.

Connecting those two machines served only one purpose - to save time. While our old machine took ~12 hours to compile an average sized program, the newer model at the manufacturer's HQ did it in just one. Transfer took maybe another hour, so it was a practical solution. My own suspicion is that the internet may have come about by an accident, not strictly by planning. Perhaps aided by the quick proliferation of machines as their price fell, and the realisation by the military of possible loss of radio communications from EMP caused by nuclear explosions. Telephone lines were not affected, so we have the net today...

While most times I was forced to follow a straight and procedural route, my own insights, or hunches, led me down different paths from those considered "normal", resulting in being tagged as strange or even weird. Usually it was only those less adventurous, who often seemed to feel threatened by my dedicated focus on a simple life, as well as code, who appeared to shun me. However, now, decades down the line, we can see what all that strict "conformity" to this so-called "established order" has led to - a surveillance state that the communist Bolshevik Soviet Union could only have dreamt of.

Computers of NASA 1960s

Univac Computers
Julian Assange - This is out of control ! Even routers ! This is insanity !

Julian Assange - This is out of control ! Even routers ! This is insanity !

...and things I can see...

Disc attached to Voyager

In order to talk to ETs, humanity has resorted to using science - remember the golden record on the Voyager probe? - as an invitation to "someone out there", even giving them our position in space, so they can easily find us. It plays Dr Carl Sagan's compilation of natural and artificial sounds, together with Greetings from the People of Earth recorded in 55 languages. Not that this would have been necessary, since our first nuclear devices will have given us away already, just as our TV broadcasts will inform all and sundry of our weaknesses and abilities. Therefore it isn't so strange that eventually that "someone out there" would send us a reply too! It comes partly as some internet text, assumedly received as a telepathic message, though that would have necessitated the writer's own skill at translating graphic imagery into readable text. One odd fact is that the syntax of the sentences suggested a highly intelligent non-native English speaker, so perhaps it was simply "emitted" onto the publisher's' hard drive by some technology we don't yet understand.

Crop Circle Etiquette
Temporary Temples

Part of the reply came in the form of two crop circles, using the same code we have used in our original invitation on the disk. This is obviously a more direct reply. It seems reasonable to assume that having been alerted by our first nukes, some intelligent entities came to investigate, and having studied our history and found the details of our first attempts to explore the Solar System, decided to leave us a greeting card and a warning. And this is just the visible part, the secret meetings of our "leaders" with ET representatives, already here, is not only hidden, but fiercely denied, often to the point of fatal personal attack on anybody who mentions the subject. And the crop circle referring to just that, warning us of treacherous alliances...

Since I am not quite a scientist by education, just a programmer - a shaper of artificial and virtual realities - it is probably by artificiality that the full story, as I see it, will be told. My take is that IF these attempts at communication are fake, which is not very likely, then I have only wasted a bit of my time perusing these reports. On the other hand, if they are true, then it could easily be considered the best thing that could possibly happen to push humanity further up the evolution ladder.

Crop Circles The Arecibo Reply
Crop Circles The Arecibo Reply
 do you wish that we show up
Do you wish that we show up?
allies of humanity

As for the old debate of these visitors being here or not - if any one is still close-minded enough to dismiss all historic references and the relatively more recent still photographs and camera footage as evidence of ET presence, due to their possibility of being faked, perhaps the number of moving objects that change direction in these NASA videos should be convincing enough, since we are still not capable of faking such things in outer space. It is quite obvious then - unless we already use reverse engineered UFO technology, and they're all ours. In fact, the only faking is done by NASA, who tend to crudely airbrush out high-tech structures captured by their cameras on the surface or in orbit around the Moon.

It has occurred to me that this could be a selective process, meaning that some of us can see these things while others can not. Of course we are all on the same planet, kept alive by the same sun, and we all have experienced "2012" together, as everybody was liable to receive the same amount of radiation that I believe is happening during this period and which could potentially upgrade our DNA, just as it is raising our vibratory frequencies. It won't be a lightswitch type effect but has been gradually building up, perhaps starting during the sixties and tapering out from now on for the same period of time. Of course the year 2012 could have been a miscalculation - most folks celebrated the Millennium in 1999-2000, when others, including your host, prefer to believe that the millennium party should have been at midnight 2000-2001 due to there being no year 0...

Earths moon 2013. New images of lunar structures
UFO, Never Doubt Again
NASA: PROOF of image tampering
Large objects filmed in space and only one is the ISS
NASA STS-75 _Tether Incident_ - UFO flightpath tracking_stabilization (Extended Version)

A Moon with a Wiev
Directed Energy Weapons Test
Directed Energy weapons
Prior Extraterrestrial Visitations

How UFOs deactivated nukes at an ICBM Launch Site
Nukes at an ICBM Launch Site deactivated by UFOs

Nuclear weapons are the worst-case scenario we are capable of inflicting upon ourselves. Not only is there enormous destructive power unleashed when they are detonated, but any survivors, as well as the entire biosphere of Earth, are then exposed to its deadly after effects, a slow and relentless radiation, which destroys DNA and can cause horrific mutations.

What were we thinking - if at all? Only a sociopath will use a weapon with such indiscriminate killing range that has the capability to destroy entire peoples together with their habitat, Planet Earth. This 'Einsteinian' - or xenosh - derived technology is solely based on destructive science that is already being superseded by the much safer, and argueably a lot more useful, Electric Universe Theory.

Geo-Stationary TV/Military Satellite AMC-9-(GE-12) broken up by UFOs
TV/Military satellite AMC-9-(GE-12) broken up by a formation of UFOs

Zeta-Reticuli Exchange
This site is intended to facilitate the gradual release of confidential documents pertaining to a top secret exchange program of twelve US military personnel to Serpo, a planet of Zeta Reticuli, between the years 1965-78.
Still, it has to be high time to accept that we are center stage - being observed by inhabitants of space around us. We are putting on quite a show with our corrupt and ugly financial practices and politics, our senseless wars, nukes and primitive space vehicles, beaming our faults and weaknesses all over the galaxy. Given all the other data about our present time, this is more than just fantasy or tin-foil-hat conspiracy theory. But please, do make up your own mind, don't just take my words as gospel.
Do we choose to take the step? We do have the technology and the know-how...
Auroras - on distant Planets

 Aristarchus Crater - Electric Blue Gem or Fusion Reactor ?
Aristarchus Crater - Electric Blue Gem or Fusion Reactor?

This object has long been a mystery to astronomers who have noticed and reported their observations from 1650 to the present day. Since it isn't a constant occurrence, at times the crater appears dark and featureless, at others it is lit up with a bright electric blue light that seems to illuminate the surrounding area, therefore it is classified as a TLP - a Transient Lunar Phenomena.

Enterprise Mission - Richard C. Hoagland

One of the more interesting sites on the web, where the ex-NASA engineer explains his vision of our history, much of which seems to be turning up as if on cue, perhaps at the eleventh hour into our own destruction that we seem to be inevitably heading towards. Our ancestors had a state of technology available to them that seems far in advance of our own, and they were forward looking and wise enough to leave us these as time capsules, perhaps to warn us of some impending catastrophe. One of the latest finds of these is Gobekli Tepe, which, it is assumed, was deliberately buried under sand to preserve it for a later date. Is today that date? We don't know yet, only about 5% of the site has been excavated at this time. It appears that the ancients have left pointers to their technology everywhere, including the Moon and Mars, we only need to understand their meaning and we could almost overnight achieve the very same levels of wisdom and knowledge as our space-faring ancestors.

Enterprise Mission - Richard C Hoagland

Penetration - Ingo Swann

Travelling outside one's body and exploring our world sounds crazy enough, but when it is done to explore other celestial bodies, such as our Moon, it gets even crazier. Especially when such exploration reveals the presence of ET races who are mining Earth's satallite for raw materials and have busy manufacturing and community centres set up, all teeming with humanoid life.

...just one of a minority:

The 'crew'...
INTJ - "Mastermind". Introverted intellectual with a preference for finding certainty. A builder of systems and the applier of theoretical models. 2.1% of total population.

Free Jung Personality Test (similar to Myers-Briggs/MBTI)

Personally I would prefer hacker to "Mastermind", and as for certainty, Leonardo da Vinci was quoted as saying:

There is no certainty where one cannot apply any of the mathemathical sciences. Universal certainty, divine/human unity, and co-creativity is established by math. The road to finding oneself, including your highest qualities and greatest creative potentials, is paved by mystery school math engaging the Matrix.

"People make the often catastrophic mistake of imagining that most people are like them. They are not. The only ones who are like you are those who share your personality type, or other personality types closely related to yours. For example, INTJ, INTP, INFJ and INFP types should all get along well."

Perhaps the idea of "equality" comes from propaganda for Communism or Democracy, but I'd say let's celebrate our differences where each individual has different capabilities, skills, faults and dreams! Where we should be equal, but due to a selfish 'capitalist' attitude are not, is in the distribution of the wealth of this planet, which is here for all of us. When greedy individuals take it all for themselves, the rest usually end up suffering and starving.

All programmers are optimists -- Frederick P. Brooks, Jr.


In case you wondered, strangeness has been built into my existence from the word go. My parents, fleeing from the Communist Soviet army at the end of WW2, one from Eastern Hungary, the other from Serbia, ended up in Austria, quartered in a guest house in the British occupied zone. That was where I was born, on the southern slopes of the Alps, a settlement of barely a dozen buildings. Then a few months later we were shipped back into communist Hungary, the country of my father, where some years later, a catholic priest licked his thumb and smeared a cross above my brows. It was their usual hocus pocus, mumbo-jumbo, make-believe ritual and I was just thinking "I don't want that infection", while hastily rubbing it off with my sleeve. I knew he ought to have used holy water, but that would have made no difference to me. This, as well as the "repatriation" was the action of our patriarchal dominator society in its full glory, trying to stifle all natural life at every occasion.

So while I continue to walk my Wyrd, I will just leave you with this little self portrait I did in DPaint III - it is already soo old, it has faded, like some black-and-whites in grandad's photo-album.

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