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In the beginning was the mainframe. It appeared impressive with its printers rattling out a trance like beat, its many tape drives dancing staccato turns while arrays of lights on consoles and panels were flashing out some strange rhythms.

Rhythms that evoked visions of a future full of excitement and wonder, a future that promised possibilities, adventure and the freedom to experiment. Computers were thought of as our servants, which would be doing our work. Paper was going to be a thing of the past, and so was the necessity to fill in endless forms.

Did it really happen ? What we now have is the internet, which noone foresaw back in those optimistic days, although sci-fi writers foretold mobile phones as portable personal communicators. We also have the World Wide Web now - where banks can easily lose all our personal info that we laboriously typed into some of those on-line forms. Those forms are electronic now - pixels on your screen - and increasingly tuned to restrict and control us...

The Free Software Foundation
The Free Software Foundation

the Free Software Foundation
Tech Know: Programming, meet music
Tech Know: Programming, meet music


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Amiga Software & downloads

For the fun of it...

Made on Amiga

A walk in the park
A virtual realtime analog synthesiser

The first of its kind on the Amiga. It is still only partly working, but it is getting there. Eventually. Check all the details here.

One part of many
waveforms.image: a public BOOPSI image subclass.

The source and a test program are included in the freely downloadable archive. Check all the details here.

AROS Development
A free open-source OS inspired by and API compatible with AmigaOS(TM)

The OS that will allow old Amiga users (like myself) to regain their favourite platform after years in 'purgatory'. To this end I am happy to contribute whatever I can. It is already working quite well, though some bits are still missing or in development, but gradually getting there. Check the links to it here.

...and for business:

Currency exchange application
AmCEx: a web-updateable offline currency converter.

Version 2.53 - DeLuxe

Implemented standard keyfile paths.

Handles any number of currencies and precious metal prices that can be updated from a website or by a subscribing to an e-mail service, which themselves are updated on a daily basis.

Other freely available programs


The files and their lengths:

The blueribbon.library with example source code

22662 bytes.

From AmiNet (the readme's):

the archives:

DReg - M68k data register calculator with source

PacIFF - uses a blitter driven RLE codec.

Blitt - graphical blitter manipulator (OS1.3).

Blitt_src - C source code for above.

BlitzDMS - DMS gui in Blitz Basic.

BlitzDMS_key - free keyfile for above.







Manuals for Amiga Software Development

(There are many more, so ask if it's not here)

The .readme files:

The archives:

The RKRM Devices

The RKRM Devices - programs

The RKRM Libraries - Vol 1

The RKRM Libraries - Vol 2

The RKRM Libraries - Vol 3

The RKRM Libraries - programs

The Amiga RKM Companion

The AGA Hardware and Registers Guide

The Amiga DOS Manual

The AmigaDOS Guide

Amiga Development Kit - OS3.9

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323.3 KBytes

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The history of noises
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The crew of strandedufo
Amiga music and MIDI

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