waveforms.image - a BOOPSI image class for audio applications

This is a BOOPSI image subclass which can be used with either intuition.library, gadtools.library or with reaktor.library. It is compatible with OS3.1 and newer.

The waveforms.image class gives audio application programmers an easy way to place any one of the chosen basic wave shapes in a window or, perhaps more usefully, into a 'cycling' gadget. Theoretically it should work within some dropdown or popup menus too, though someone else will have to try that first.

The waveform images

This image will scale itself to any size specified, its background and waveform colorpen, type of wave and optional zero line can be selected by the programmer, as well as the style of the wave, which can be either 'dotted' or 'solid'. A recessed box can also be drawn within the specified limits, if required.

The example program implements a button.gadget object which cycles through all five waveforms with an alternate 'solid' display image for its selected state. The source (SAS C v6.58) and documentation are included in both archives.

One of these archives - wfimage_src.lha - is a no-library BOOPSI class which needs to be compiled and linked with your program, but mainly of use when modifying and testing the class.

The second archive - waveformsimage.lha - is a full BOOPSI class, compiled as a library which needs to be installed in the user's Sys:classes/images drawer before it can be used.

The reason for its existence is simply that I wanted it.

If you want it too, it is here as a free download:



All rights to this software remain with the author, however, anyone may freely use it and spread it as they wish, provided none of the archive contents are changed in any way. Any liability for correct operation remains with the implementor, the author is in no way responsible for any eventual damage, nor for any other unwelcome results due to misuse.

If you do use it, I would appreciate an email telling me how you use it, but any other suggestions, flames or bugreports are welcome too. My email address is on the 'crew' page, accessed via the 'intro' graphic link below.

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