A story of a possible future scenario

'MultiMediator' by Paul Juhasz


The invention of a hyperwave transceiver, a faster than light communications device, unexpectedly puts the AI unit on the US military's Moon Base into a difficult position. As such an event had not been foreseen, it had no previously programmed directive to play ambassador for humanity. Suddenly receiving a set of new rules, technical specs and tasks from a yet unknown source, the AI unit concludes that it must balance these against its original programming which seems to be in conflict with the new logic. Acting the only way it can, while staying within the confines of its newly given set of laws, it unwittingly sets events in motion which lead to the demise of Earth's population.

After a grave misunderstanding of the situation by its makers, the super-power could only act as suspiciously as it always had done, and make sure that any other power that could be a threat should be dealt with, which brought forth catastrophic results. Only a small pocket of humanity still remains, now trapped on the independent commercial Moon Base. Cut off from Earth without knowing the situation on the majestic blue white planet so prominent in a starkly brilliant sky, their only hope is probably in the imagination - or as some preferred to call it, phantasy - of one man who had once created something that noone knows anything about, and noone would believe him even if he could share his secret with anyone. And as events tend to follow their own course, not even he has any idea of what is about to unfold.

Copyright © 2002-2015 strandedufo productions.

Proposed title page\nOriginal drawing is pencil on
       A4 art paper.
Multimediator by Paul Juhasz - ©'2002-2015 strandedufo productions

Disclaimer: All persons and events in this story are fictional, any resemblance to living individuals and/or events is purely coincidental.

This work is licensed under:

Creative Commons License Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

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